Developed as a military web project with high resolution, military details, eyecompatible, high resolution MapBox infrastructure in countries where map programs are blocked.

2019-2021 (NOT OPEN SOURCE)


It is a multi-language and functional, uncensored and HD view web project developed in Mapbox Infrastructure. In the project, water areas, roads, cities, buildings and many functions are displayed in an up-to-date and HD way with coloring. It is designed on MapBOX infrastructure to serve GLOBAL-wide. With the project, it is aimed to increase the knowledge of people and students in maps and geography, and it is also stored as an infrastructure in future projects.

Features :

○ Global Map
○ Colored Marking
○ Specifying Center
○ Uncensored Access
○ HD and Current Image
○ Hill and Mountain Coloring
○ High Precision GPS Tracking
○ Coordinate and Text Search Engine
○ 3D Building and Distinctive Marking

2018-2020 (NOT OPEN SOURCE)
Pusat Engine

A new generation user-friendly search engine prepared by using OpenAI-based GPT-3 engines and developing special prompts. It is prepared with Django technology.

Features :

○ Search Engine

○ Code Engine

○ Text-To-Image Engine

Hamza Caner Ferrahoglu - Project Partner

2023 - Ongoing