Black holes are anti-matter generator?


Black holes are anti-matter generator?

While on page 22 of the book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”, this idea came to my mind along with my past research:

What if matter-information (x) reverses itself inside a black hole (k)? That is, k + x = x-1 (antimatter).

According to this idea, black holes are the producers of antimatter in the universe. Matter that is pulled into a black hole is reversed by rearranging its atoms in the 4th dimension inside its structure, resulting in an “inside-out” fracture. Thus, it becomes the anti-form of the original matter, becoming x-1 at the 0 point of space-time.

In addition, the radio wave emissions from a black hole may likely be the broken vibrational frequency of the reversed matter. Based on this sub-idea, if we can order and alphabetize their frequencies, we can determine what the transformed antimatter is.

The 4th dimension cannot be seen by the human eye, but it can be simulated by our minds with a simple example and a bit of forcing. The human eye and the conventional logic of the brain operate in the 3rd dimension.


We see matter from the outside and perceive the X-Y-Z axes. When we look at the 4th dimension, we should be able to see both the inside and the outside at the same time. For example, when we look at an endless pen, we should be able to see and perceive both the inside ink and the outer layers at the same time. In the 4th dimension coordinate system, the logic works as x+x-1, y+y-1, z+z-1.

In other words, can the 4th dimension’s reverse ability simultaneously move atom structures in both straight and reverse directions?

In summary, can matter that is pulled into a black hole undergo internal-external fractures and turn into antimatter through interference with its atoms using the 4th dimension effect of the black hole, within an area where space-time is broken or nonexistent, along with absolute zero (-273.15C energy-free state)?

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